I promise I’m not dead!

So, with a bout of the flu, Mother’s Day, a couple of birthdays, running a few sales and trade meets for my local doll community and being super busy with work, I’m finally back in the game. Still uploading a bunch of stuff in my free time (which is lacking at the moment, but will change soon!)

Just a gentle reminder that all of my work is free to use, and will always remain free to use. I will never solicit money for the use of my mods, by means of asking for payment or donations. However, I do expect people to follow my generic disclaimer: that my work is free to use in mods that are also to be made freely available, and that full credit is to be given to me for any of my assets used in a mod, including a link back here.

I’m actually personally offended that Bethesda and Valve went in the direction they did, regardless of the fact that they went back on it within 48 hours. The entire modding community, save a bad apple here and there (*side-eyes a particular modder whose name starts with K*) has been all about the giving and asking nothing in return, and to overturn that sense of community sharing with no strings attached is an insult to each and every modder who has made their work publicly available for free. And don’t even get me started on the ridiculous three-way split of the money spent that completely shafted the modder. The paid model could work in theory, but perhaps next time Bethesda and Valve will confer with the modding community before making such a brazen move.

Anyway, I only wanted to give my two cents on the matter. Not that it really affects me particularly, but given how easily mods have been stolen and uploaded to the Steam Workshop in the past, I feel for my modding friends who were hit with this nonsense.

Enough of that! Back to working on stuff! I threw together a big shop mod full of Hentai’s work, which I’ll be releasing alongside the update to Abbotsford (two shop mods for the price of one!), as well as a couple of new eye sets, once I’m back on my home computer long enough to package them. Please look forward to them!

♥ Ani