Female Tattoo Warpaint MAX Edition

This package contains all of TairenSoul’s female warpaints from versions 1-8.

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  • Although not 100% necessary, if you have previously installed one of TairenSoul’s Female War Paint versions, you can delete them from Data/Textures/Actors/Character/Character assets/Tintmasks. This will simply keep you from having redundant copies of the same texture installed.
  • Wrye Bash: Download manually and copy package to “Bash Installers”, open WB and install package. Activate the .esp in Bash (Mods tab).
  • After installation is complete, TSFemaleWarPaints.esp and TSFemaleWarPaints.bsa will have been installed in your Skyrim Data folder.


Use NMM or Wrye Bash to quickly disable or remove the files.


A small file titled “SKSE.ini” has been included. If this file does not exist in your root Skyrim folder (can be found in the same location as “SKSE_loader”), simply drop this file in. If it already exists in your Skyrim folder make sure it contains the following two lines:

[Display] iTintTextureResolution=2048

Hi-res tintmasks cannot be seen without the addition of this tweak.


Thanks to expired6978 for his RaceMenu Mod!

SPECIAL THANKS to Diethardt for testing my work in-game and for his valued artistic opinion!

VERY SPECIAL THANKS to urshi for his amazing male face textures for which none of my great characters would be possible!

BIG HUGS too all the many who support me with their kind encouragement, advice and comments. Netherwalk, Lordarion76, EcthelionOtW and Yyna…XOXO

  • Briar Frost

    Does this contain all of the Tairensoul warpaints (i.e glitter, on the spot etc) listed on the main TairenSoul page?