On the Spot

TairenSoul’s On the Spot warpaints.

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  • Wrye Bash: Download manually and copy package to “Bash Installers”, open WB and install package. Activate the .esp in Bash (Mods tab).
  • After installation is complete, TSOnTheSpot.esp and TSOnTheSpot.bsa will have been installed in your Skyrim Data folder.


Use NMM or Wrye Bash to quickly disable or remove the files.


A small file titled “SKSE.ini” has been included. If this file does not exist in your root Skyrim folder (can be found in the same location as “SKSE_loader”), simply drop this file in. If it already exists in your Skyrim folder make sure it contains the following two lines:

[Display] iTintTextureResolution=2048

Hi-res tintmasks cannot be seen without the addition of this tweak.


Thanks to expired6978 for his RaceMenu Mod!