[1.8/Forge] Anitopia Survival

Mod pack and setup instructions.



Version: 1.1
Requirements: Forge 1.8 – 1.8.0 HD U G7


Yuuki gave me the reins on his Forge server (after naming it after me, no less), so I decided… screw it. Let’s mod the shit out of this.

Included in this mod pack are all the mods necessary for playing on the Anitopia server, as well as tweaked config files to ensure 100% compatibility (which means no editing the config files included in this pack). For the most part, these mods are aesthetic, or make some actions a little easier.

The list of mods used include:

  • Biomes O’Plenty – necessary for a whole bunch of new flora
  • Bowcraft – adds extra bows to match the various different types of armour
  • Building Bricks – new decorative bricks including slabs and stairs
  • Death Counter – for all your schadenfreude needs
  • Decoration Mega Pack – lots of new clutter and furniture
  • Fairy Lights – because why not
  • Fancy FIsh – Fish, fishbowls, scales, etc
  • Flesh2Leather – so you don’t need to keep killing sheep, and also useful in conjunction with Yuuki’s Zombie XP farms
  • Glassy – A mod I’m working on
  • Glass Shards – so you don’t waste so much time smelting sand
  • Lootable Bodies – you will never risk losing your entire inventory upon dying again (unless you went swimming in lava- in which case, good luck)
  • Lots of Food – Pretty self-explanatory
  • Morpheus – Notifies you if other users are using their beds, and starts a vote to push time forward for those not in bed yet
  • Mr Crayfish’s Furniture Mod – now we can fit out our little bases with totally functional furniture and appliances
  • Plant Mega Pack – heaps of new trees and flora
  • Redstone Paste – to make redstone work easier
  • Schematica – To make building from blueprints a little easier