Mari Katsaris



Version: 1.0
Size: 37.2MB (Uguu Waifu) / 20.0MB (Lore Friendly)
Requirements: Dawnguard DLC


So I got sick of using all my girls except Mia (NOBODY GETS THEIR MITTS ON MIA) and I haven’t released anything in a while because I’m a lazy cunt, so I’m releasing my girls as followers.

Mari can be found in Jorrvaskr. She is the only follower of mine that is NOT marriable. The vanilla version gives her Nightingale gear (armour, bow, quiver, arrows). She’s an archer with a few Shock spells at her disposal.


Extract the archive into your Data folder, then activate the .esp in the Launcher or your mod organiser of choice. It’s pretty self-explanatory.


Delete MissAniThrope’s Mari Follower.esp and the folders:

  • Data/Meshes/Actors/Character/FaceGenData/Facegeom/MissAniThrope’s Mari Follower.esp
  • Data/Meshes/Actors/Character/MissAniThrope/MariKatsaris
  • Data/Textures/Actors/Character/FacegenData/FaceTint/MissAniThrope’s Mari Follower.esp
  • Data/Textures/Actors/Character/MissAniThrope/MariKatsaris





  • Дмитрий «Moustached» Ромашов

    Hello, MissAniThrope! Sorry, but when i try to download, it gives me MAT_BlytheEyes_ESP_1-0 and MAT_BlytheEyes_Master_1-0 instead of follower 🙁

    • Ani

      Oh no! I’ll fix that up right away!!! Thank you for letting me know~

      • Дмитрий «Moustached» Ромашов

        Thank you so much, Ani! :))