TERA Elleon Axe

The Elleon Axe ported from TERA.



Version: 1.0
Size: 462KB
Requirements: TexTools


My first FFXIV mod release! The Elleon weapons are one of my favourite skins from TERA, and I felt they’d fit in quite well amongst the vanilla weapons.

I have chosen to overwrite the Deepshadow Axe for this mod. As such, the original and the Augmented versions will look the same. This weapon is NOT dyeable.


  1. Open the Mods menu in TexTools
  2. Select Import ModPacks
  3. Navigate to where you downloaded the file and select it
  4. Ensure you leave EVERY checkbox checked
  5. Click on Import ModPack
  6. OR you can just doubleclick on the TTMP2 file wherever you downloaded it and continue from point 4.


  1. Open the Mods menu in TexTools
  2. Select Mod List
  3. Select [MAT] TERA Elleon Axe
  4. Choose either Disable or Delete


This mod will overwrite any already installed mod that modifies the Deepshadow Axe.


  • Enmasse for releasing TERA
  • Tiffli for extracting the assets from TERA.