Aion Polaris Staff

AION “Polaris” Staff and Torch by chakaru11

1 staff (an edit of the AION Heranas staff), enchanted (ice)
1 torch (basically the staff turned into a torch, clever me)

The “chest” is hovering above the Ayleid well of Vilverin. You really can’t miss it.

This is just a (heavy!) edit of the Aion “Heranas” Staff.
I would totally LOVE to tell you that I made this for all the rightous good, hero mages out there, a weapon of pure light yadda yadda. Sadly, I only made this to learn more about magic effects, super spray emitters and moving objects. BADAM TISH! xDD

The staff now has a total of 12 (!) moving objects attached to it (4 small rotating crystals, 1 big crystal at the top, 6 small stars circling around it and one huge star above those), which is a LOT. I also added my trademark particle shader. My game doesn’t even twitch, so I hope there is no FPS drop.

The torch version (which was added for immersion, because I DO have a heart you know :D) was a little tricky to figure out, I tried to add light NiNodes to the weapon but of corse failed miserably XD Turns out you don’t need those, basically anything can be used as a torch, as long as the category in Nifskope is set to “Longsword”. DUH!

I have been told that sometimes, OBGE users have problems with my (heavyly colorful and sparkly) stuff. Since I do not use OBGE, there is nothing I can do about this, sorry.


On some occations, the “chest” plummets down a notch, so that it is directly in the light collum of the Ayleid well and hard to trigger. Sometimes you will need to drain the well before the chest is accessible. Boo.

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