Aquitaine Armor & TERA Horse

Aquitaine armor, sword and horse


I am sorry this took so long, but I was never satisfied with my modding results regarding this armor, so I kept creating and deleting helmet variants etc etc. Also: DAT HORSE! It killed me. Anyway. Creating an armor set with a matching horse armor had always been a plan of mine, since I LOVE the Oblivion horses.


What is this?
This is basically a female variant of the “Atroscine” male armor from TERA Online. Since the actual female version in the game is basically a chain bikini with weird shoulder pads, I wanted to “fix” that. And since I am a total fan of heavy female armors (I tend to play female tanks in MMOs etc XD), I stuck to the male original, which you can find in several TERA armor mods for Skyrim. I had planned to make a male version as well, but I failed spectacularly and laid that project to rest for a while. IF you want to try your hands at a male version, GO AHEAD! đŸ˜€ I officially encourage you to try and release your result!

The armor
has been renamed, since Atroscine is some weird chemical term I don’t understand. My female version is called Aquitaine, named after Eleanor of Aquitaine, mother of Richard I. of England, better known in history as Richard the Lionheart. I IS SO SMART 8D

The armor consists of

– full body armor (with an armshield on the left arm)
– closed helmet
– open helmet
– head piece
– 2 hand sword

I am very proud of the helmets, since those were my first fooray into the difficult process of using the sculpt mode in blender XD

You can find the armor set in a blue TERA box in the IC Market District, close to the Three Brothers Goods.

The horse
is set to be player owned and can be found in the IC stables, I placed it a bit in the back so that it’s not in the way of the NPC pathgrids. You can’t summon it or anything, it’s just a player owned, script-less horse, so don’t loose it XDD But you can mark it with the “mark my steed” spell from one of the many “call my steed” mods on the Nexus.
Did I set it to essential? I think I did. Ehehe.

Anyways! This was a huge project and I had a lot of fun working on it !

Have fun!

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