CM Esme

Companion Esme

What’s this?
Ohoho, finally 😀 Meet Esme! She is…
A happy go lucky gypsy elf with a love for skull accessories of any kind who is waiting to be picked up right outside of Bruma. Esme and her trusty skeleton horse Hel are ready for adventure, so don’t keep her waiting!

About Esme
Esme is a GCC companion, which means upon meeting her you will be asked to choose her class and combat style for her. In my game she is a conjurer, but she also has her trusty scythe weapon in her inventory, so give her any class you want 🙂

The cute little critter floating over her shoulder (which might not work when you first meet her, toggling her intentory should do the trick) is her little pet lich, which in turn is the avatar of her scythe. It is bound to that weapon and takes it’s place whenever the scythe is not in use.

To make Esme’s Lich work this MOD NEEDS OBSE!!!

And…I can not test mods since I can not go ingame at the moment, so I have no idea if the mod works as I intended. Please let me know if anything is wrong with it!

Hugs and I want screenshots OR ELSE xDD

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