CM Harper

Note from Ani: Golly, you know time has passed when you see your old modding handle.
Hi there 🙂

First of all you need to know that I had originally planned to create this CM partner conversion for a certain someone 😀 In the end I had problems with Wrye Bash so I harassed Desuchan into doing it for me. And she revamped the entire thing so that now all the textures and meshes are in one place and nothing is required to make this esp work. Not even the moonshadow elves! Thank you again for that

If you already have Pym, you know the drill.

– Harper comes with her own custom race, which is basically a 1.0000 moonshadow elf with custom eyes, edited face texture and twitchy lop ears

– She also has her custom armor and the sunwell fist weapon edit by me.


Harper is a 2 level offset battlemage who specializes in summons – or at least, that is what she is SUPPOSED to be. But at least in my game she doesn’t summon ANYTHING and simply barges into battle. Mhm. Harper was never the brightest tool in the shed. Moving on! xD
She is currently wasting her time standing around in that dreaded Inn in Skingrad, I forgot the name. AH! West Weald Inn. She is already wearing her trademark armor, which is a mash up of battle princess, cute knight and Tera h16. The armor is enchanted with +30 conjuration and 300 feather, so that she will use more summons (OR NOT -.-) and is able to carry all your loot for you xD

If you already have Pym, be aware that both Pym and Harper are based on the same race, with the SAME reaction settings! Which means that they might react neutral or a little annoyed to other races, but whenever they meet, they go all “DO NOT WANT” on each other. No joke. Even Harper, who wears this dopey grin all the time goes all “Grr” on Pym. Women -.-

Have fun 🙂

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