Combat Voices

3 female combat voices for Oblivion by chakaru11

Hi there 🙂

I have a deep rooted love for combat voices in Oblivion, so it was about time I created some 😀

Since there are maybe two or three real custom combat voices (not including the scripted voice mods) floating around in the Oblivion community (chocolate elf, cute elf, etc etc), I made this to create some diversity XDD

Every voice file in this download also has a complete set of “generic hit” sounds, so I did not just replace the power attacks.


The voices:

1.) Warrior
I wanted a voice that was female but less girly xD This woman has a LOUD voice, be warned. She also laughes sometimes, which works nicely as a taunt.

2.) Elf
The voice of an adorable girl, but not too girly. Also: her generic hit sounds actually sound like “ouch” and not like hysterical screaming. It’s a personal pet peeve of mine, forgive me.

3.) Ninja
Well, since there are TONS of Ninja mods out there, I felt it necessary to provide a suitable female voice. I hope it is not TOO cliche.

Use these as you see fit, credit would be awesome.

Have fun!

An Oblivion female combat voice that uses voice files from Soul Calibur’s Seung Mina. The japanese original version, of corse. I did not use many of the taunt, mostly just the battle voice.

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