Companion C

Companion C (Cm C sounded a bit weird XD)

I did the best I could XDD

C is a very “old” character, so I really had to dig around to find her face file. Oddly enough, I get 2 short error messages whenever I click on the preview window in her character window in the CS. I tend to gnore the messages since she completely normal in the preview, so I hope it doesn’t give you any problems ingame! I think it’s because back in the day I copy pasted her face values around a lot from one character to the next.

I did not change C very much – except her hair is now a wig and she doesn’t have a tail any more (I forgot to add it, you can’t see it underneath the backskirt anyway XD)

You can find C in the Anvil Fighters Guild.
She carries her trusty sword ANIMA around, plus all the arsenal in the on-back mesh. I hope it works the way I planned XDD
I sized her ingame model up to 1.0500, so she is a tiny bit taller than the average human. Her class is bladeclass (XDD) and her combat style berserker. So yeah, she’s supposed to be a tank. Give her a shield or any other item with shield values and a ring with a handful of lifepoints and she is good to go. (meaning: her inventory is empty aside from an unenchanted armor and weapon, so actually turning her into a useful tank is up to you! xD)

I added a wigmesh without the helmet parts, it’s also in the esp, but I did not add it to C’s inventory to avoid cluttering it. The huge ponytail is only rigged to the head, rigging it to the spine caused all sorts of cartoony stretching, so I tossed it.

Why am I even telling you that? XD It’s half past 4 in the morning here and I am rambling, haha.

Anyway, C!!!

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