Dragonswing Set

The Dragonswing Set by chakaru11

What is this?

An experimental sword mash-up (onehand and twohand version) with animated dragon wings and floating lights plus a matching shield. No enchantments, so go nuts.

To be brutally honest:
This sword is no beauty. It was not supposed to be. I actually WANTED it to look old and rusty and kind of mean. So there you have it XDD

The “sword” itself (the blade etc) is actually a staff from another game, I retextured it and turned it upside down to use it as a blade. The hilt is from VanillaBean’s wonderful sword “Anima” from Romuska Fantasy Store.
The blade is surrounded by a red aura of light, which to my shame is static. I somehow screwed up the animation so that it does not show ingame. If you check the nif file you will see that it actually moves. The floating lights around the base of the blade however are animated and circle around it in a nice pattern. I wanted it to look random, I hope I succeded XDD

The animated dragon wings point in the direction of the blade, which makes them look upside down when the sword is unequipped/on the back. I like it that way, if you want an edited version with the wings pointing to the hilt, let me know.
The wing animation is very simple, but looks nice in my oppinion.

The shield is a simple magic circle with the wings attached to it. No masterpiece, but I like it. So deal. XDD

Where is it?

Heh XD Do you even have to ask? Weynon Priory Chapel of corse! Watch out for the animated dragon wings and you will find what you are looking for.

Have fun!

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