Einstein’s Rose

Einstein’s Rose

I reduced the size of all textures to 1024×1024 to reduce FPS drop. I hope it helps.

Hi there 🙂
This is the first release of the tiny series of Vivio’s steampunk outfits. This was the first one I made for her, but it has been EDITED a lot and by now is the most detailed outfit I have EVER made. It even surpasses Belphe’s travelling gear and that’s saying something.

Bahaha. The name of this outfit is of corse a little salute to the Einstein-Rosen-bridge XDD Since this is a steampunk inspired time traveller outfit, that was the only name I could think of. I IS SO SMART 8D

This outfit also has a little story to tell if you look closely – since it is a time travellers outfit, a lot of stuff was added along the way, spanning different universes and eras.
One hint is the backskirt which is rigged to the tailbones. The frilly texture kind of hints at the fact that at some point in the past – maybe at the beginning of the journey- this outfit was in fact a dress and the tattered backskirt and the blouse are the only remaining parts of that dress.

Other hints include a clock necklace which was inspired by pocket watches from the 1900s, rather modern looking chemical test tubes for the belt, an antique compass and an hour glass. All of these I found online on websites offering free 3d objects and textured them using stock images found via google. No ripped stuff here 🙂

This outfit of corse includes Vivio’s infamous mechanical arm which has been requested on several occasions. It’s Vivio’s signature accessory so I was not sure about releasing it, but I finally caved xD

There is no esp, as usual 🙁 I am very sorry about that. Still I hope you have fun with this!


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