Great the Sky Edit

Great the Sky chakaru edit

“Great the sky” is a player home mod by hdela. I kind of abused it as a starting point for me to add my unfinished TERA Online environment ports.

If you don’t want to use the mod, delete the esp and have fun using the TERA resources I made ­čÖé

“Great the sky” adds a player home above the White Gold Tower in the IC. All I did was add some stuff to the top level of the house, which is a round, empty garden. So I went nuts, added a TERA Online Pavillon and some trees and plants and candles and whatnot.

Like the original mod, this requires SHIVERING ISLES!

My resources are just that: resources! The collusion is awful, the flowers are not harvestable in the the esp etc etc.

If you can live with that, good for you!:D


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