Horse Resources Pack

Horse Resource Pack


Finally, it is done! I worked so hard on this, so I hope you like it 😀 This is a pack of horse resources from all over the place XD

Sooo, what kind of horses are in here?

1.) 8 TERA horses
Recolours of an armored horse mount from the game TERA online. SImple as that 😀

2.) 9 DAZ Millenium horses – Arabian-Berber
Yup, I converted the DAZ (Poser) “Millenium Horse”, which is a detailed, but basic horse mesh. I edited/morphed the mesh a lot to make it look like an Arabian – Berber horse / Barb Horse which originates from Northern Africa. This is why the neck is a little thicker and more curved than usual, I also made the horse a little stockier than it originally was and gave it a thick mane and a long tail. Both with custom textures by me. I just wanted horse diversity ingame XD

2b) The DAZ horses come with two tacks: Oriental (ported from DAZ) and Western (ported from Red Dead Redemption)

3.) Momopi – a Skyrim Pony
HAHAHAHA XDD This is kind of an easter egg. If you browse the nif files in the meshes folder and stumble over this weird Nif file called “momopi”, don’t be confused! It is supposed to be there.
In my game one of my characters (Belphe) owns this horse. I ported the Skyrim horse (pony, whatever xD) over to Oblivion and cluttered it with a tack and lots of equipment from WAC. I claim no rights!
Her name is Momopi, she is neither the prettiest nor the fastest horse, but she does the job and is a total darling <3 I love her a lot. She is the perfect horse for travellers and adventurers, so give her a good home! Also: if you have Skyrim on your hard drive and want to give Momopi a different fur colour, just redirect the textures in Momopi's nif file: she works with all Skyrim horse retextures! HOW DO I GET THEM INGAME? Since this is a resource there is no esp, just the rigged meshes and textures. To get the horses ingame, you can use two methods: 1.) create a new esp in the Construction set and in the huge window, go to actors->creatures->horse->horse. There, find the player owned horses (they have names like PlayerhorseAnvilWhite or something, I forgot XD) and double click on it. In the creature window that opens, go to the Model List tab and browse through the models to find the model you want. Save and activate the esp 😀

2.) Download a mod that adds a custom player horse to the game, find the mesh for the horse in your meshes->creatures->horse folder and simply replace the mesh with one of mine. Don’t forget to rename it accordingly. TADA.

Sooo, have fun and take lots of screenshots!

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