Magic Shields

Magic Shields by chakaru11

Yup, even more magic shields 🙂 Four shields, to be exact.

Location: As usual, Weynon Priory Chapel. If you have my other mods, your Weynon chapel should look very colorful by now XD

Inspirations: The art of the game “Anima” (it’s out for Wii now) and… some other things XD And just in case you recognize the “Belka Knight” shield from somewhere… YES, I totally went there XDD Sue me.

Nope. None. Most of the shields look very white – that’s because I wanted them to go with most armors out there without causing color clashes. You can recolor them easily yourself though!
Simply open the shield in Nifskope, click on the shield mesh and find the “material” branch in the list on the left. It has a nice, yellowish symbol. Click on that. Now you should have 4 neat, colorful pyramid charts. Move the sliders around to see what happens. COLORS 😀 After you found a color you like, save. Done. To get the color back the way it was, simply move the sliders of the two charts on the right back to the bottom right corners. Done.

Have fun!

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