Nanatsusaya Costume

Nanatsusaya Costume by chakaru11

What is this?
Nanatsusaya “Nana” is not a character per se, but instead a full body costume which can be worn by any character. As such it is highly experimental and has quite a few bugs, but nothing major.

Nanatsusaya comes in 2 versions, one with Hentai’s Sakura outfit (with edits XD) and one wearing Yuravica’s beautiful asian dress.

I turned a simple fox tail into a nine tails, which is still in Beta and sometimes does weird things, but it mostly works XD

The third item you will find in the esp is called “Otsuwa” – it is an animated accessory. This is a little shout out to Nanatsusaya’s name, which roughly translates into ghost light. (And yes, I know that the actual Nanatsusaya sword is a national treasure in Japan.)
The accessory takes up the left ring slot and is supposed to remind you of Sakura blossoms, that’s why I gave it this color. You will see 😀

Where can I find the items?
Go to the IC Aboretum and watch out for a little tree that wasn’t there when you last visited the place…

Credits for the custom head mesh, the clothes, the original fox tail etc go to their respective creators. I claim no rights.

Have fun 🙂

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