Pym’s Equipment

Re-Upload: Pym’s Equipment (REQUIRES OBSE !!)

Since this is a reupload (sadly, 4shared sometimes deletes stuff that has not been downloaded in a while), I do no longer have the original readme. So I’ll make this short XD

This file is kind of a conglomerate of all the stuff I made for my character Pym, which was also released as a basic CM partner a long tine ago. Pym is NOT included in this file, get her from the TES Nexus! 😀

This file includes:
– Her armor, the Black Velvet (this file OVERWRITES the old versions of the Black Velvet!!!)
– Her swords, the Thunderclap Katanas
– Her bow, the Crowsteel Bow
– matching arrows
– Her wig

The katanas are dual weild with an “on back” script (which is why they require OBSE), plus a neat special attack, the Thundercross. You’ll know it when you see/hear it XD

Teleport to the Testing Hall using the “coc testinghall” console command and head for the doors with the red backlighting. On the far right of that row of doors with the red light is a door named “Door to”. Go in there – you will see a row of huge crates – and also a little box with Pym’s face on it 😀

Have fun!

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