Rune Magic

Hi there đŸ˜‰

Okay, a readme for some replacer textures is a little unnecessary XD Anyways.

REQUIREMENT: Midas Magic Spells of Aurum by Xilver !! Get the mod on All rights for the original meshes and textures and the mod itself are his.

Important: BACK UP YOUR meshes->magiceffects and your textures->magic folders, just in case you don’t like my edits and want to revert back to how it was before. Some of my textures WILL overwrite the original ones. Just so we are clear XD

Important II: The spells are not automatically added to your character, since I did not edit the Midas spells.esp itself. You need to follow the quest and obtain the spells “legally”.

These “Rune Magic” edits were originally made for my character Alba – since her armor and weapon are decorated with red daedric runes, I thought what the heck, make her some matching spells XD That’s how all this began. Alba mostly uses AOE spells, so the edits mostly only concern those spells, not the projectiles. The edits also add a red, magic circle that spreads on the ground around the caster.
This little magic circle is actually a carpet mesh that I edited.

Edited spells include:

Midas Arcane Burst (By far my favorite. The edit looks nice, it does a lot of damage and has knockback = perfect spell.)
Midas Mass Restore
Midas Mass Heal
Midas Call lightning (here the magic circles appear on the targets, not the caster – which was an accident, but it looks neat XD like an early targeting system XD)
Midas Breath of Fire
Midas Fire Burst
Midas Force Shield (here I did a total makeover so that there now is a single rune rotating around the player. I wanted it to look like an old school RPG buff XD)
Midas Mages Shield (Meh, I don’t like this one, still working on it)
Midas Fire Collum (only added the magic circle)

Another thing: Xilver reused a lot of textures for several spell meshes, so don’t be surprised to find out that some spells are now randomly red.

I had to take out the Midas Phoenix for now, since last time I used it my game crashed. NO idea why, but appearantly that mesh does not like to be edited.

Please let me know if any textures are missing!


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