Summon Fairy Mod Edit

Summon Fairy edits by chakaru11

Edits include:

New headmesh: Mystery of Mausoleum (headmesh size was reduced to match the body)
New hair: Peggyzone Wig
New weapons: AION dragon sword, shield, staff and bow

New esp:
To turn the fairy into an actual companion instead of a summon that is killed a few minutes into a fight, I pushed it’s stats a bit. Meaning that now the fairy has a PC Level off-set of 10 (instead of the original -5) and additional 500 health points on the shield. This way you can still do your thing while the fairy is more than capable of fending for herself.

If you do not want that, use the original esp.

First install the original mod, then overwrite with my “edits” folder. That should be it.

A few little pointers for the “summon fairy” mod.

Menu translation:

1. Option: Pixie stay
2. Option: Pixie follow
3. Option: Combat settings – choose between default (range + melee + mage), melee only or mage only
4. Option: “sparkles” on/off – If you installed my edits, this option is useless since I switched the sparkles off by default
5. Option: Pixie light – allows you to use the fairy as a “torch”. Settings range from 10 to 40 feet of light
6. Option: leave menu

I would recommend the “Default Pixie combat style”. With this combat setting she pretty much acts like any good companion and switches between bow, sword and staff as she sees fit.

About the sparkles:
The sparkle shader was a little too annoying for my tastes, so I edited the texture and basically deleted the sparkles. If you want them back after installing my edits, copy paste the “star01” texture from the original mod into the “textures->magic” folder.

I claim no rights on anything, so have fun.


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