The Dark Valkyrie

The Dark Valkyrie

Before I start: this armor is (like the Sciath) one of my babies đŸ˜‰ It took very long to make, since the skirtmesh was the very first mesh I ever ported from Skyrim, so it is not perfect. If you look closely, you will find some vertices I accidentally cut off while porting it, but as a whole it’s not so bad XD
The most work here went into the retexturing of the single mesh parts to make the armor look like it actually is one piece instead of a conglomerate of armor pieces. The wings were ported from Darksiders2 by me. I suck at rigging wings, but after a gazillion of tries I got it right I think XD

This set consists of:
– the armor itself
– a winged version of the armor
– the helmet
– and the Pilia spear, which is a weapon mash up by me using several Lineage2 weapons

The spear comes with it’s own special attack, which means


What special attack?
It’s called the “Thunder Cross” and is based on one of the special weapon attacks from Romuska Fantasy Store. It’s a lightning AOE attack which is still in BETA XD It’s basically a lightning that goes off in 3 different directions to hit the targets around you. It works, but the AOE part sometimes misses.
The chance of it being triggered is below 17 %, so it should not be too overpowered.

You can find the chest in the Market District, but you will have to search for it, it’s a rather small glowing cube with Pym’s face on it XDD

– Zerofrost of corse, for his brilliant Knight of Thorns armor
– VanillaBeans, for the legs and the forhead part of the helmet
– Nora for the gaunlet and chest piece meshes
– Noah for the belt
– several meshes from Darksiders2 and Lineage2 ported by me
– CuteUnit for the animated glowing wings, please don’t kill me

I claim no rights!

Have fun!

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