The Killing Moon Retex

TheKillingMoon red retex by chakaru11 aka the “Bloody Moon”
(that wasn’t my idea, the original creator of the mod named it that xD)

Please be aware that this isn’t just a simple retexture, but an EDIT of the animation, because I took some things out and edited others.

SO FOR ALL THAT IS GOOD AND HOLY, BACK UP YOUR ORIGINAL TEXTURES AND MESHES. I will not be held responsible for anything that happens if you don’t.

You will notice that there are now actually textures in this download aside from the magic shader. Those are extracted and edited vanilla SI textures.
Why is there a mesh in this file?
Because editing the force ripple texture (which is needed at the end of the animation) lead to awful results, I left that as it was and edited the actual animation mesh in nifskipe to give the force ripple wave a red hue. It is not glaring red as the rest, but it’s noticable.


Because the magic shader (the white clouds that appear whenever you aim this attack at an actual enemy) was kind of too much for my personal taste and totally got in the way of admiring the actual attack animation, I TOOK IT OUT. Sorry for the capslock of doom, but this is important. So there won’t be any responding white clouds to tell you that yes, you are actually aiming at an enemy. If you want the magic shader back, just throw the “magic shader” texture folder from your backup into the textures->TheKillingMoon folder after this.

I actually tried leaving the magic shader in and simply recoloring it red, but that just lead to an immense red cloud that I found rather ugly. So if you want the magic shader – be my guest, but it will be white.

Soooo, have fun!


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