The Lady Companion Creature

The Lady creature companion

What is this?
A long time ago I created several custom creatures for my summoner character Esme. “The Lady” was one of the first creatures I made.

They are all based off of hentari/my old wisp companion sparkles , so you will find her in Anvil Castle courtyard, just like Sparkles. Nearby you will find a useless Azura’s Star which will give you the spell to summon The Lady to you should you lose her.

She has two options: Follow and Wait.

She is solely based on zotman12’s “The Hernish” outfit from Hentai Mania 2. So if you have HM2, allow my mod to overwrite some of the textures – you won’t loose anything, I kept the texture paths from the original, that’s all 🙂

So who is this Lady?
“The Lady” is the nameless spirit of a fallen female knight who weilds a twohand sword. She is a gentle creature by nature, but not to be underestimated in a fight. She has a healing and a shield spell at her disposal, but aside from that she solely relies on her trusty sword.
When there are no enemies in sight, she will stand peacefully by your side and follow you wherever you go.

She has her own, custom sound set, which gives her the air of a female ghost, which sometimes sighs and sometimes even sounds a bit like she is singing to herself. Her footsteps on the other hand are really loud, since she wears heavy armor XD

Final thoughts
To me, the lady always seemed kind of sad, like a tragic heroine from a story long past. So give her a good home 🙂

Have fun

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