The Sciath

The SCIATH by chakaru11

1 new armor in 4 colors
5 shields



Hi there ๐Ÿ™‚

This armor has been my personal pet project for a long time and I love it a lot. It has never been “officially” released before, but finally everything is done so that it can be shared. This armor is very special to me, so take good care of it! AND I WANT TO SEE TONS OF SCREENSHOTS! OR ELSE.

Let’s begin with the no-nonsense part of this readme, yes? So here we go.

that this armor mash-up does not only use meshes from all over the place without permission, but it also includes meshes from a POSER RIP! Which in itself is illegal. So instead of taking the risk of reuploading it all over the place, please link back to my blog instead. We clear? Good.

Technical stuff:

This armor was pieced together from

Lux Lucis (poser rip)
ALIR armor
Fate Stay Night SaberLily Avalon armor
Eyren’s spellsword
Tona White Squall armor or rather hwibalyu’s “black label” edit of it
Kurese’s Knight armor

The only original mesh used here is the finger armor, which was created from scratch by ziitch especially for this armor. If you want to use it, please contact him on or Here again a huge thank you to ziitch!!


The four “Anima” shields, which are a complete overhaul of my original Sciath shield. The style was inspired by the “Anima” online game – google it, it is AWESOME.
To match the 4 shields, there are now 4 recolors of the armor: Green, blue, red and white. The colored parts are small, but noticable ๐Ÿ™‚
Also new: The hands are now a combination of leather gloves and the metal finger armor. The old chainmail half-glove thing was wonderfully crafted by ziitch, but had massive clipping problems.

The original “Sciath” is and will forever be the green one – the other 3 are recolors. So the textures were originally made for a greenish color theme.

Most of the textures are edits by me using parts of the patterns from the Lux Lucis textures. There is no piece of clothing that has not been edited in some way. The textures of the corset are entirely mine, I made those from scratch. Please do not edit these without my permission. Thanks.


What is this?
It’s an armor for all the knights, crusaders and battlemages/spellswords out there who want to wear heavy armor that does not look too bulky but still counts as actual armor. So this thing mainly consists of chainmail and leather and covers the entire body. You are looking for a revealing, sexy armor? SORRY MISTER, WRONG PARTY.

Pshew. As if I would just go and tell you. It is in the Imperial City. In a huge, almost empty enterior cell with a ridiculously high ceiling, lots of collums and one lonely NPC.
If you are still in the middle of the main quest, you will have to break in and unlock the door. But no worries, the chest and everything in it are set to player ownership. But only that! Do NOT and I repeat, NOT, touch anything else because that will count as theft. And because there is this one poor, lonely NPC close by and a horde of guards just outside, you won’t make it very far if you touch anything. You have been warned. So hands off the decorations!

And because I am weird, I added a few little spoofs here and there. You’ll see XDD

– to ziitch for the amazing finger armor and his patience during my many blender freakouts.
– to Gizmodian for tips and help when I was being stupid – and for the wonderful sword Astroranem, which is the PERFECT sword for this armor. It is not included in this file, but it can be found in Gizmodian’s “Blade set” on and GO GET IT!
– to the lovely bunch of members and modders of the SCJ, you know who you are. You are awesome! Modding is always the most fun when you do it for friends, so there ๐Ÿ˜€

So, have fun with the armor!


*** = If you still haven’t figured it out by now: go visit OCATO in the council hall or whatever that building is called in the US version of the game. The “chest” is in the middle of the huge council desk thing, surrounded by a few “decorations”, including an animated, glowing crystal, sparkles and flowers.
WHAT?? There is plenty of room and it looked so sparse and sad. So I redecorated it. Sue me.

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