CM Belphe


Finally 😀

I know a few people have been waiting for this mod for a while and I am SO TERRIBLY SORRY this took so long! This entire idea of Belphe as a CM partner nearlly KILLED me, so if there is anything left that bugs out or destroyes your game, let me know. ARRRGH.

A CM Partner mod featuring Belphe, my armor model and the last character I played before my old computer died.

Custom content?
– Belphe has a custom armor mashed up using parts from a Bless Online armor, skyrim custom boots etc!
– custom wig mash-up using several sims3 hairs + a sims3 circlet/hair accessory
– custom wig ears from BLESS Online
– custom textures for her face, body (tatoos yay!), eyes, everything XD
– custom weapon
– combat animations from all over the place
– custom combat voice (which sometimes works and sometimes… not)

Since this is not really meant to be a playable race (YET), Belphe has NO EARS/HAIR! She wears a WIG!

Where is Belphe?
She is waiting for you in the entry hall of the Arcane university in the Imperial City.

Is Belphe Useful?
Well, that’s up to you XDD She is a Spellsword, but all her spells are support spells! I added several shield and heal spells to her spell list which have a “self” and a “target” function at the same time, so if my plan works, she will buff herself and you at the same time as long as she is close to you.
And even if she does not buff you (which might happen XD), the buff spells give her a pretty big advantage in battle. As long as they last XDD
Aside from that she is a fighter. Her weapon “Double Crescent” is kind of HUGE, but very light and fast. But since she wears light armor, don’t use her as the only tank you have, she will most likely die XD To avoid insta death, her armor and her ring are enchanted with 200 life points each XD I wanted her to be usefull, so sue me :>

Buff spells:
– shield
– frost shield
– lighthing shield
– restore health
– restore stamina
– resist magic
– heal poison
– heal sickness

NO reflect magic because that is ANNOYING.

Sooo, that was it 🙂 Have fun and take screenshots! Since I can’t go ingame myself, I would love to see Belphe ingame shots so that I can post them on my website 😀

Hugs to everyone

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