Night Bloom

Note from Ani: Preview image blurred for NSFWness. Images in the Gallery tab are not blurred.
A black and grey ‘inverted’ floral sleeve tattoo that extends onto the upper back. Night Bloom is designed to work with as many skin tones as possible as the heavy black and strong linework leave negative space for the skin tone to show through, creating areas of striking visual contrast.

Limited to Viera only for the actual ttmp2/mod install file, but feel free to edit to fit your own needs.

ZIP Includes
– A PSD to allow easy base texture customisation.
– Viera only ttmp2/mod install
– file
– Read Me with brief explanation of PSD set up.
– Preview Images

– Here is a more accurate view of the texture without strong gshade
– The areas of black are not not a 100% flat black, but you can edit it in the PSD if you prefer to have them that way.
– Hand drawn by me.
– Feel free to edit to fit your personal needs but please do not repost or redistribute.

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