Serpent and Rose

Note from Ani: Preview image blurred for NSFWness. Images in the Gallery tab are not blurred.
Hand drawn Serpent and Floral Themed Tattoo that covers a large portion of the back and extends to shoulders, hips and under arm/side. Subtle skin blush and freckles are also included.

First Ever Mod Release. Limited to Viera only for the actual ttmp2/mod install file, but feel free to edit to fit your own needs.

Zip includes
– A PSD to allow easy skin type customisation. Also included are separate sections of the tattoo masked (shoulder, legs, back, side) so you can customise how much/little of the body piece shows, as well as removing or editing additional skin details (freckles, ect).
– Viera only ttmp2/mod install
– file
– Read Me with brief explanation of PSD set up.
– Preview Images

* Notices *
– Hand drawn by me. Inspired by some very talented contemporary japanese style tattoo artists.
– First Texture Mod and First upload so things might be a bit rough around the edges.
– Face texture – Personal
– Please contact me before reposting or redistributing.

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