Unbreakable Heart Shaped Glasses

Heart shaped Glasses two ways.

Glasses with Chain = Anamnesis Earrings
Glasses with Earrings = Lost Allagan Earrings

– Earring Slot so you can wear other headgear
– Not dyeable but easily edited via Colourset Editor
– Should fit most races. Racial scaling will cause some issues.
– Due to the nature of the meshes, the earrings and glasses chain will clip with hair and clothing.

– The Chain Version is fitted specially to Viera. Other races will have varying degrees of clipping issues.
– The weights on the glasses chain are very rough, so clipping will occur when moving the head at certain angles but should be functional enough for screenshots. I may revisit this at some stage to make it more functional and less…awful.

– Feel free to edit or refit. Contact me before reposting/redistributing.

– Face Textures + Outfit = Personal WIP

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