Violent Garden

A sigil/stave inspired by White Mage abilities repeated over the body.

One of the first tattoo designs I did that I’d forgotten about. Decided to finish after being reminded of it by a recent commission.

This tattoo is designed to be worn as a whole or customised. There is a PSD included in the download that has each section of the body masked so you can add or remove them as you like. It is also very easy to remove individual sections of the design using layer masks in Photoshop.

ZIP Includes
– A PSD with separated layer groups to allow customisation of how much/little coverage you want.
– Viera only ttmp2/mod install
– file as seen in preview, which removes the blood spatter effect on the front and back lily, which shows an example of what simple modification of layer masks can achieve.
– a graphic showing the PSD layer layout.
– Read Me with brief explanation of PSD set up.
– Preview Images

– Diffuse and ttmp2 are for Viera only using T&F base. A PSD is provided so you can add your own base.
– Hand drawn by me.
– Feel free to edit to fit your personal needs but please do not repost or redistribute.

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