A shop near Valenwood containing all the weapons, armour, clothes and accessories I’ve released over the years.



Version: 2.0
Size: 848MB
Requirements: Oblivion Patch, HGEC Body Replacer, Robert’s Male Body Replacer V4 or higher



Now 99.9% compatible with Valenwood Improved… if you don’t mind a little clipping on the front stairs.

I’ve changed this to a master-ESP, which basically means that, if I make new content, I can parent the new plugin to the main plugin, so all further outfits are modular, as it were.

So yeah, a while ago I ragequit (yes, you can laugh at me if you want, I don’t care anymore) and pulled my stuff. And now it’s all back, conveniently placed in one building and sold to you by five beautiful girls!

‘Why Abbotsford?’

This is going to sound incredibly silly, but there is a wonderful store about half an hour from where I live that sells so much wonderful stuff from, well, anything good (and, unfortunately, some Twilight stuff, but they can be forgiven for that). It is because of them that I have about a million different PVC Pokémon models and a sexy, sexy PlayArts DMC4 Dante figure. BUT I DIGRESS. This store is absolutely amazing, and the fine gentlemen that run it are by far the nicest people I have ever met. No lie. So, calling my store is a tribute to them (and they are aware of it, as I ran it past them before I named my mod).

‘So, what’s actually IN it?’

Here, have a long list of content!


  • MissAniThrope’s Indigo Armour Recoloured
  • MissAniThrope’s Shiki Armour Recoloured
  • MissAniThrope’s BlackLuster Armour Recoloured
  • MissAniThrope’s Demon Huntress
  • MissAniThrope’s Lolita Finery
  • MissAniThrope’s Macabre Dancer
  • MissAniThrope’s Stealth Gear
  • MissAniThrope’s Sennen Ring
  • MissAniThrope’s Kingdom Key
  • MissAniThrope’s LUDICROUS Staff


  • MissAniThrope’s Paladin Armor
  • MissAniThrope’s Armoured Stealth Gear
  • MissAniThrope’s Demi-Witch
  • MissAniThrope’s Shi no Senshi
  • MissAniThrope’s Sennen Puzzle (enchanted and non-enchanted)
  • MissAniThrope’s Fledgling Thief
  • MissAniThrope’s Scene Gear
  • MissAniThrope’s Sennen Rod (a mace as opposed to a scepter as seen in ‘Yu-Gi-Oh!’)

new mods in 2.0

  • MissAniThrope’s Hakuouki Yoroi (F/M)
  • MissAniThrope’s Elegant Aristocratic Lolita (F only)
  • MissAniThrope’s Shadowy Death (2H blade)


  • Indigo Armour Recoloured – additional colour options, available for male bodies, is available as both clothing and light armour
  • Shiki Armour Recoloured – available for male bodies
  • Blackluster Armor Recoloured – additional colour options, available for male bodies. The light armour version has also been included
  • Demon Huntress – changed to Demon Hunter, available for male bodies
  • Macabre Dancer – available for male bodies
  • Stealth Gear – additional colour options, available for male bodies

Most outfits will now have a male version, as opposed to just three of the armour sets. However, I saw no point in making new entries for all the male gear, they will show up as the female items in the menus, but with their own icons. For example, the male Demon Hunter outfit will still show up as ‘Demon Huntress (A/C-Cup)’ in the inventory, but the C-Cup is the normal male version, and the A-Cup version has no corset. In the Demi-Witch set, there is only one male version which will show up regardless of which cup size you choose.

Some of the outfits that have been given a new male version have had a few changes. The Demon Huntress set is now simply the Demon Hunter set to cater to both genders. The Demi-Witch set has not been given a name change (as any wiccan will tell you that witches can be female OR male!); the female version now has A- and C-cup variants, as well as a long skirt and short skirt version. The male version comes in a corsetted and non-corsetted version, but there is no short skirt version.

There is a catalogue on Lilith’s counter (that cannot be taken), which displays everything that is for sale. Otherwise you can see all the stuff for sale in the Gallery tab. This catalogue may take some time to load as it’s comprised entirely of images (even the text is images!). Shouldn’t take longer than about ten seconds.

Please don’t ask me why all the versions between 1.0 and 2.0 were never released. I have this thing about only releasing mods that I know are finished and polished. Obviously I may miss a couple of things here and there and in that case, provided I update a whole bunch of stuff at once, then and only then will I release an update. As such, all the issues that were brought up with 1.0 have been fixed in 2.0, and there’s a bunch of new stuff to play with. All the versions in between are shared between myself and a couple of friends who tested things out for me. You’re not missing out on anything, I can assure you.

The store is located in Valenwood, and as such requires border regions to be switched off. If you've not done this already, follow this mini-guide:
  1. Navigte to (My) Documents\My Games\Oblivion
  2. Open Oblivion.ini
  3. search for this line: bBorderRegionsEnabled=1
  4. Change the 1 to an 0
  5. Save

A map marker has been placed in the general vicinity for ease of access, and you don’t need to find it first- it will be available as soon as you load your game up with the mod active.

Otherwise you can just COC your way in. The cell name is Abbotsford. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, turn off your border regions and fast travel.


I’ve compressed the files in a BSA because it’s easier to install.

Copy Abbotsford.esp and Abbotsford.bsa into your Data folder, then activate the plugin in your launcher of choice.


Deactivate the plugin in your launcher, then delete Abbotsford.esp and Abbotsford.bsa. You should probably do a clean save, just in case.


If you are using an older version of any of the outfits or weapons included in this mod, or Abbotsford 1.0, PLEASE UNINSTALL THEM FIRST. Otherwise don’t come bitching to me if your game breaks or something.

If you are using ‘Cheydinhal Pet Shop’, the 5 NPC’s in the store WILL NOT TALK TO YOU. I’m working on a patch now that I’ve pinpointed the issue (it’s with their mod, not mine). Otherwise you’ll just have to hunt down the Treasure Trove room. Good luck.

Thanks to:

  •  A-TYPE2 (SpeedBuster) for the meshes and textures from 02-Shiki Armor, SPB Belt Girl, SPB Light Armor 2 and SPB Boots Set
  • Aleandra for the white retexture of my Stealth Gear mod
  • Aniki for the meshes and textures from GLclothes Lite
  • Doughnutz and Gizmodian for the skirt from Shaiya Outfit for HGEC
  • Fallen20 for the modified version of HGEC Boots
  • Hentai (zotman12) for the meshes and textures from Lovely Suits, HentaiHanaDress, Kureha, Hentai Mania, White Lili Costume and Eve Outfits, and his ground mesh
  • hide0128 for the meshes and textures from BlackLuster Weapons and Armor for Exnems Body
  • jimsonzgl for the meshes and textures from Night Knight Armor
  • Kikaimegami and Krimsyn Kane for the meshes and textures from Scarves!
  • LordMaddog for the shoe mesh and texture from Maddogs Fantasy Mod
  • LUCHA for their CoolSims hair conversions
  • Luchaire for the TGND conversion of the corset from R18PN 04 – Amy AM Set for HGEC
  • nitiren for the meshes and textures from Japan Samurai Armor Genji2
  • NPR for the meshes and textures from R18PN 04 – Amy AM Set for HGEC, R18PN 02 – Lingerie Set for HGEC, R18PN Armor and Dress, Sword Dancer Armor S M H cup for HGEC, Gloria and Trish Armor for HGEC and MHSN Kirin Armor for HGEC
  • OZMO for the meshes and textures from Elwing Outfits for HGEC and the original HGEC Indigo Armor
  • Pancho for the hat mesh and texture from FFT Tribute
  • Petrovich for the meshes and textures from HGEC Boots
  • Pizz for the meshes and textures from pizz NINJA for ExnemsBody
  • RAIAR for the HGEC Body Replacer
  • Retma for the cape mesh and texture from Cute Witch Outfits Kabopan
  • Robert for his Male Body Replacer
  • Ryk for the skirt, chainbelt and boot meshes and textures from Ryk Sorceress Armor
  • Sam Lake for his Coffee Resource
  • Sinblood (e-bride) for the underbust corset mesh and texture from BAB Widow Dress and the necklace mesh and texture from Ravenous Elegance
  • Tchos for the cake and individual cake slices from Tchos Breakfast Food
  • Tona for the meshes and textures from Tona Casual and Quiet Muffler for HGEC and Tona Clothes and Underwear for HGEC
  • zertualpro for the meshes and textures from Underworld Armor
  • The husbando (Yuuki) for helping out with several custom textures and providing countless bottles of Coca Cola to keep keep me awake long enough to get this stuff done, and quietly reminding me that everything I know about modelling is inherently wrong, you adorable bastard
  • The boys from Anime at Abbotsford for being totally amazing all the time. <3<3<3

And the super legal stuff:

  • Kingdom Hearts and all associated content © Disney and Square Enix
  • .hack//SIGN, .hack//GU and all associated content © CycberConnect2 and Namco Bandai
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! and all related content © Kazuki Takahashi and Konami


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September 10, 2015 8:00 am

can you make video please im new to oblivion

December 29, 2016 4:42 am

amm excuse me you see, I have installed this mod and when I play the game the floor is not there, for example when I go to the magic university all the npc fall to a giant ocean under the university, also when I fast travel to the location of the store the door is floating in the air and the arquitecture of the store is not there. the inner cell of the store and the armor and stuff works perfectly. I have Oblivion Patch and HGEC Body Replacer I dont have robert’s male body because I dont care… Read more »

Reply to  Yaya
December 29, 2016 5:28 am

So far I have installed roberts male body 4, when I have installed your mode manually so I tried to install it with nexus mod mannager and I got this message “WARNING: This plugin has the file extension .esp, but its file header marks it as an esm” I cant put the mod lower in the load order I have the dlc and the unofficial patch bellow your mod and I cant put it lower, please I hope you read this because I really like this mod but it broke my game, everything returns to normal if I delete your… Read more »

Reply to  Yaya
December 30, 2016 3:00 am

Hi Yaya, I’ve just moved house so I don’t have proper internet at the moment. I’ll look into this for you and see what I can find.

AFAIK not having RM wouldn’t cause this. I think there may be a compatibility issue. Can you please post your load order?

Reply to  Ani
December 30, 2016 3:16 am

*gasp* D: senpai noticed me!, ok my load order: Here my load order: Oblivion.esm RealisticLeveling.esm Abbotsford.esp DLCHorseArmor.esp DLCOrrery.esp DLCFrostcrag.esp DLCThievesDen.esp DLCVileLair.esp DLCMehrunesRazor.esp DLCSpellTomes.esp Knights.esp DLCShivering Isles.esp DLCBattlehornCastle.esp Unofficial Oblivion Patch.esp UOP Vampire Aging & Face fix.esp Oblivion Citadel Door Fix.esp Knights – Unofficial Patch.esp DLCThievesDen – Unofficial Patch.esp DLCThievesDen – Unofficial Patch – SSSB.esp DLCSpellTomes – Unofficial Patch.esp DLCOrrery – Unofficial Patch.esp DLCMehrunesRazor – Unofficial Patch.esp DLCHorseArmor – Unofficial Patch.esp DLCFrostcrag – Unofficial Patch.esp DLCBattlehornCastle – Unofficial Patch.esp DLCVileLair – Unofficial Patch.esp Oblivion Character Overhaul.esp DMC stylish – Specialanims.esp Stylish Jump.esp Alternattive Start by Robert evrae.esp nu female player idle.esp… Read more »

January 27, 2017 11:28 pm

I’m having the same issue as Yaya. Exactly same problem. I notice that UOP is the only mod I have in common with Yaya. This is my mod list: Oblivion.esm Cobl Main.esm Better Cities Resources.esm BathingMod_Base.esm CM Partners.esm Bab.esm Knights – Revelation.esm Unofficial Oblivion Patch.esp DLCShiveringIsles.esp Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch.esp Better Cities .esp Underwater.esp Sounds of Cyrodiil.esp WindowLightingSystem.esp 300_Lore_Dialogue_Updated.esp AliveWaters.esp Akatosh Mount By Saiden Storm.esp Enhanced Economy.esp FormID Finder4.esp Quest Log Manager.esp Enhanced Hotkeys.esp DLCHorseArmor.esp DLCHorseArmor – Unofficial Patch.esp DLCOrrery.esp DLCOrrery – Unofficial Patch.esp DLCVileLair.esp DLCVileLair – Unofficial Patch.esp DLCMehrunesRazor.esp DLCMehrunesRazor – Unofficial Patch.esp DLCSpellTomes.esp DLCSpellTomes – Unofficial Patch.esp Bab.esp… Read more »

Solaera Fox
Solaera Fox
January 31, 2017 7:38 pm

so i installed this addon and its is my only addon installed and it couses the world maps to vanish as well as the building it self dose not show up

March 5, 2017 8:28 pm

Use Tes4Edit and delete group “wordlspace”

Joshua Zimmer
Joshua Zimmer
June 29, 2017 2:09 pm

Actually, to get the worldmaps to quit vanishing when using this mod, you need to take out the esm flag in the file header with TES4Edit, then let BOSS or LOOT sort it as normal.

September 12, 2017 5:35 am

Looking forward to using this, and your other mods. I’d forgotten how much fun your work is.

Good to see you back,, Ani.

September 18, 2017 7:46 am

Sorry to say this, but I had a problem also. After leaving the Imperial Prison sewers, the entire landscape was under water. Travelling to other parts of Cyrodiil produced the same results. Not certain how to fix this. Help, please.

Herculine R.
Herculine R.
November 28, 2017 11:06 pm

Using TES4Edit to remove the troublesome .esm flag in the header is a simple matter, but for those who can’t manage it, here is the fixed .esp.

Great collection Ani. Thanks for sharing.

Reply to  Herculine R.
June 1, 2018 5:03 am

Tried the fixed esp. Works perfectly. Thanks Herculine. Thanks Ani for the original mod. This is great fun.

June 14, 2020 12:51 pm

Heya, i’m trying to instal Abbotsford, I tried both versions this one and the one from Nexus mod, the nexus mod keeps the floor missing in all cyrodill, and this one don’t but for some reason the store isn’t quite there, just some missing meshes, I’m trying to search everywhere for a fix but I don’t know anymore what to do