Update for April 2020

WELL THEN. It’s sure been a while since I was last here. This update is going to be short and sweet since I’m trying to get better at not going on and on like I normally do.

SO. I’ve taken an extended break from modding Oblivion and Skyrim and have started looking into modding Final Fantasy XIV. The learning curve is steeper but I’m getting there! I’m hoping to release some of my work in the next couple of weeks after a bit more testing. Additionally, my partner and I are working on Concept Matrix 3, a tool to assist in greater GPose shenanigans. More info on this soon!

I lost access to this hosting account due to hacking, so I’ll be spending the next couple of days fixing things up here, updating, making sure everything is safe, etc. However my SSL seems to be borked so I’m prioritising that. EDIT: Turns out that was just a quick fix. WE SECURE AGAIN BOIS

I hope you are all safe, healthy, and relatively sane during this SARS-CoV-2 pandemic! Please take care of yourselves!

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