Update for February 2016

Holy crap. I’m feeling so productive these days, it’s insane.

I’ve started this awesome new job, but since it’s super quiet until student intake in a fortnight, I’m bored as hell, so I’ve gone and updated the doll side of my site, if you want to take a look (there’s a link in the menu above). There’s still some stuff missing, and it’ll remain missing until I buy some new furniture at home- I had to pack away all of my dolls preemptively in case we had to move, so I’ve not had a chance to take photos and whatnot- and set everything up nicely. It’ll be so awesome having money again. I might buy myself some new monitors to celebrate!

I’ve been a little obsessed with Undertale recently (I cannot recommend this game enough!!!), so I haven’t worked on anything properly, and since I’ve been thrown into the deep end of starting full-time work after six months of bad sleeping patterns and general laziness, I’m constantly exhausted when I get home, to the point that I fall asleep on the couch within five minutes of walking through the front door and not waking up until my fianc√© gets home about four hours later so we can have dinner, and then I’m wired for a few hours, then I fall asleep again really early in the morning, then I wake up tired since I’ve only had four hours sleep max… wash, rinse repeat. Getting my sleeping pattern back on track will be a bit of a tricky process, but it’ll happen nonetheless.

I’ve started a huge chunk of my additions to Room207’s CCC mod, and have started packaging up a few more resources to upload when I have a moment. I hope to start overhauling my race mods in March starting with my Persocoms, then make a serious dent in my list of Skyrim mod plans- I want to convert a few of my outfits from Abbotsford over once I get the hang of this whole file header editing in Nifskope thing, which I’m still having trouble wrapping my head around, especially since I need to do it TWICE because of the body slide function. I’ll get there, I promise!!!

I also hope to buy myself a copy of Fallout 4 so I can play through it and shoot all the things… then I’ll start modding for that, too, since I anticipate Bethesda releasing a GECK or something for it so I can do things the clean, proper way. It’ll be a bit of an experience since I’ve not really made stuff for Fallout games before so making everything sort of fit into the environment will be interesting.

Anyway, that’s all for now!

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