Update for July 2015

After another bout of the flu and an entire week off to get screenshots done, as well as more new icons for Abbotsford, and I’m one step closer to uploading Abbotsford 2.0 and another sort of secret shop mod I made ages ago.

So hey, there’s that to look forward to!

Dolly Delivery!

Dolly Delivery!

There are a few Oblivion modders who’ve had their blogs removed recently with no warning whatsoever, so I may or may not be hosting their stuff here until they get back on their feet. Protip: Avoid Jimdo. It might look all nice and user-friendly, but clearly their customer service sucks. (Go WordPress!) I can’t actually do much beyond extending the offer at this point, though. We’ll see what happens. First in line is the talented ObliviKitten, whose blog disappeared some time ago. I’ll need to put a disclaimer on that page though, given they use assets ripped from other games, of course. Look forward to it!

I’m determined to get stuff out of the way as soon as possible so I can devote my time to SMASH! and the Doll Social Club table and by extension my Etsy store for doll stuff all through August. A general reminder that aside from the vidya gaemz, I’m a massive hoarder of resin babies, which you can check out over on the doll side of my site, which at this point in time is nowhere near as polished (lol) as this mod side. Priorities!

Given how little I have left to work on, I’m open to taking a couple of requests! Feel free to comment on this post if you’ve something in mind.

I hope you’re all well! ‚ô•

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