Update for June 2015

So, leading up to the end of the financial year, I’ve been super busy at work, usually staying up til 2:30 only to get up at 6 doing ridiculous stuff. Sometimes being the most technologically literate person has its downsides. Buuut what can you do.

Unfortunately this leaves me with very little free time, so you can imagine how annoyed about the fact that some douchecanoe hacked my shit via FTP, so I lost a great deal of stuff, but thanks to a little shred of foresight, I had a couple of backups, so I didn’t lose all my hard work getting all the posts back up, and all the download links still work. So there’s that. Unfortunately you’ll have to deal with there being no images for a while, because of the whole no free time thing.

So yeah, you’re going to need to bear with me for a bit longer while I sort this out. I might take a day off work soon to just get everything back up and running how it was… might do some laundry too, maybe vacuum my apartment.

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