Update for June 2020 (supplemental)

*Deep breath*

It’s almost 5am and I’ve been up since 9am yesterday just… doing stuff on here. The good news? Half of Chakaru’s work is now up, and when I eventually get out of bed tomorrow, I’ll be adding the mirrors for longerrpigs’ work. The bad news? I’ll be doing Eureka at the same time. Gotta grind for them Stabilizer mats. Also maybe keep working on the Greek localisation for Concept Matrix 3. Maybe both? I dunno.

So basically, please bear with me while I fix up a lot of stuff I broke whilst trying to make this place look a little tidier. Once the tidy up is done, I’ll be doing the rest of the Chakaru mirroring, then back to work on like a million FFXIV ideas now that I’ve kind of figured out this silly colorset nonsense (I just want to use diffuse maps reeeeee).

Also I have two eye textures to upload, so there’s that too. (Of course it’s eye textures.)

Oh, and if you’re interested in following development of CM3, we have a Trello going! …and you’ll see it’s actually mostly Yuuki working on it because of course Yuuki’s doing the most work on it. We’ve done a slew of new changes, which I document on our Ko-fi every couple of weeks as we get feedback from testers and fix stuff.

Yuuki was able to somewhat implement Blender DAE support for TexTools but unfortunately we forgot to account for Blender not playing nice with vertex normals on import, so until the folks at Blender Foundation get onto the four year old ticket for it, there’ll have to be a bunch of silly workarounds in place because people aren’t necessarily able to access 3DS Max anymore. (Or Yuuki could take an extended break and sort out FBX support DON’T YOU DARE YUUKI I SWEAR TO GOD GO PLAY A VIDEO GAME).

And with that I skilfully dodge sleep in order to port a bunch more TERA stuff. With dye channels this time! A huge thank you to my senpai¬† friend longerrpigs for encouraging and teaching me the ways of the industry, and the lovely folks over on Bizu’s Discord server for putting up with my inane questions and inability to read guides.


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