Update for November 2015


So, I’m currently unemployed and therefore wasn’t able to pay for my hosting buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut as it turns out Yuuki really does care about the stuff I make and thus covered the bill for me. So, I’m back!

I have a whole bunch of crap to upload, too! Early Christmas present (or  early birthday present for myself? Either or!).

  • Abbotsford 2.0
  • Endergrab, my Enderman replacer for Minecraft 1.8.x which changes the Enderman to the Earl of Lemongrab, complete with screeches of UNACCEPTABLLLLLLLE!
  • More stuff from ObliviKitten (who has kindly shared more work with me to upload)
  • Some patch-type stuff for some larger mods (small things, like additional stuff for CCC and OCO including compatibility and whatnot)
  • Probably more stuff if I can manage it. I’m in a creative mood.

So! I’m not dead, and I’m incredibly sorry for dropping off the face of the planet. But for better or worse, I’m back!

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